What Types of Outdoor Flooring Are Available in the UK?

outdoor flooring uk

Outdoor flooring uk  is one of the most important elements when designing a garden or a courtyard. It lays the foundation for all other design elements and contributes to the overall color scheme of the garden. Whether you are looking for a stepping stone, gravel or pebbles, an alternative to turf, wood decking or another option to use under a pergola – the choice is extensive.

Concrete is a popular flooring solution because it’s cheap, easy to keep up and lasts a lifetime. Brick patios are a classic choice that add major curb appeal and can be used in many different styles of gardens. Bricks are durable and slip-resistant, but do absorb moisture so need to be sealed frequently. Wood decking and composite are both easy to install, offer great returns on investment and can enhance the appearance of any garden. Wood can be sanded and stained for color and durability while composite decking offers more flexibility and is less expensive than natural wood.

Creating Safe and Fun Outdoor Play Areas with Soft Play Flooring

Carpet is a versatile flooring option but requires a lot of upkeep and cleaning. The right kind of carpet can hold up to commercial traffic and weather conditions, but it must be cleaned regularly to stay fresh and healthy. Plastic drainage tiles are mold- and mildew-resistant, which makes them a good choice for high-moisture areas such as near pools. They also drain water quickly so there are no puddles to step in, and they’re UV stable for long-lasting color.