The Best Corner Sit Stand Desk Available in Australia

corner sit stand desk australia

Working in an office or home is tiring, and sitting for hours on end is not good for your body. Not to mention long commutes that can delay your weight loss efforts. Fortunately, the new corner sit stand desks on the market today offer the convenience and comfort of a traditional chair with the added benefit of ergonomic height adjustment. But what’s more, you can enjoy the benefits of a corner desk without breaking the bank! More info –

Also Compatible With Multiple Monitors And Features A Wide Range Of Height Settings

One model that is available in Australia is the WorkFit Corner Sit Stand Workstation. This sit stand desk supports up to 16kg of weight. It can support up to two monitors and a laptop. It is also designed to provide added distance from monitors. The desk’s lift mechanism allows you to easily change positions while you’re working, while still enjoying your favorite office chair. Another model is the WorkFit Corner Sit Stand Workstation, which features a five-year warranty and can support up to two 27″ monitors.