Physiotherapy Clinic in Dandenong

Physiotherapy is the treatment of choice by doctors and medical specialists for the management of many health conditions and movement disorders. It is a science-based profession which has strong research evidence and uses manual therapy, exercise, education and advice to improve physical function, reduce pain, stiffness and increase quality of life.

How much does physiotherapy cost per hour UK?

A physiotherapy clinic in dandenong will have qualified and registered practitioners that specialise in the various fields of physiotherapy. These fields can include sports medicine, geriatrics, orthopedics, pediatric and more. They use a holistic approach to treat patients with injury and disability and aim to prevent future injuries. They also provide advice on healthy lifestyle choices. Link :

We offer expert Physiotherapy services, as well as Exercise Prescription and Education sessions to improve your injury recovery, movement patterns, posture, strength and balance. We have a strong focus on the client’s experience, providing a comfortable environment and a two way communication between you and your therapist. Our therapists are trained in a range of treatments including acupuncture, dry needling, taping and pilates training. They are also kept up to date on the latest evidenced based practice in Physiotherapy.