How to Get a Spotters Ticket

spotters ticket

The Spotters ticket entitles you to work as a spotter. In order to get the spotters ticket, you should have a Plant or Electrical Safety Licence and must have served for three months with an ETU. It is mandatory to take a course in electrical safety, which is the basis of your job description. The training is ongoing and you should keep up with it. The following courses are available to learn about the spotter’s job.

Why Need to Get a Spotters Ticket

The Electrical Spotters ticket is a certificate that certifies you to perform the role of safety observer. You should have a certificate of competency for a specific plant to be able to work as a Spotter. After you complete this course, you will need to get a VU21936 Electrician’s ticket. The spotters course is accredited by Energy Safe Victoria and has no prerequisites. However, you must have a Plant Operator’s Ticket.

If you have a plant operator’s license, you can apply for a Spotter’s ticket in your capacity as a spotter. You will need to meet the general requirements for spotters, and be sure you have the appropriate training. Then, you can go to your RTO and get your spotters ticket. You must ensure that your radio handset is receiving all radios, and that it is fully functional and capable of receiving all kinds of radios.