How Much Does a Wedding Officiant Cost?

how much does a wedding officiant cost

Depending on the type of cost of a wedding officiant, officiants may charge more for services that include writing vows or helping the couple select readings. They also might charge for travel, rehearsal time and phone availability. Ultimately, it’s important for an officiant to understand the couple’s vision and expectations in order to provide a ceremony that is a reflection of their relationship.

It’s common for couples to split the cost of an officiant with their wedding planner or to ask family members to contribute. However, many officiants also accept tips, which can help them offset the cost of their services.

Factors That Influence Wedding Officiant Pricing

As a general rule, the more experienced an officiant is, the higher their rate will be. A veteran officiant who has cultivated a loyal client base might be able to command $700 or more for their services. Newer officiants, on the other hand, might struggle to compete with that price point.

Religious officiants are typically donation-based and tend to have more expenses than professional non-denominational officiants. They may also need to pay for supplies such as marriage licenses and a certificate of authorization to marry. They’ll often have a set fee listed on their website or will be able to provide you with a quote during your consultation. Some religious officiants might even recommend that you make a donation to their house of worship.