How Much Do Vape Detectors Cost?

Vape sensors have become a critical tool to monitor and control underage vaping, especially in school bathrooms. As a result, many prospective buyers are curious about how much they cost. The answer to this question is dependent on several factors, including brand, features, technology, installation requirements, and maintenance needs. However, a vape detector’s price range is typically between $300 for basic handheld types to over $1000 for wall-mounted devices with smart alarm IoT functionality.

Many schools have been struggling with the issue of students smoking and vaping in their bathroom stalls. Despite efforts to educate students, there is still an ongoing problem. In Lewiston, for example, high school students have reported waiting long periods of time to use a bathroom because others are vaping in the same stall. In an effort to combat the issue, the Lewiston Public Schools board voted unanimously to add vape detection to its existing search and seizure policy during a Sept. 25 meeting.

Finding the Right Fit: Exploring Vape Detectors for Sale

Compared to traditional smoke detectors, vape detectors are more discreet and tamper-proof. They can also be configured to alert staff when there is a change in air temperature and humidity – which can be caused by a fire, vapor, or even dust particles. This feature can prevent false alarms that would otherwise be triggered by normal activities, such as cooking, cleaning, or burning candles. They are also designed to detect e-cigarette vapor and chemicals, which means that they can be more effective at detecting underage vaping than smoke detectors.