EV Website Validation – Why Is EV Website Validated?

ev website

When a website is secured seaside heights electric certificate, web browsers display the company’s name in a green address bar to signal to visitors that the site is highly validated and trustworthy. This visual cue enhances the trustworthiness of your website and increases customer conversion rates.

EV SSL certificates require more thorough verification than other SSL certificate types, such as Organization Validated (OV) and Domain Validated (DV). The EV SSL process involves verifying the legal entity that owns the domain, confirming its legal status, operating details, and physical existence. The extensive validation is one of the reasons that EV SSL is the most trusted form of SSL Certificate.

As a result of the strict validation, many ev website providers offer insurance coverage up to $1 million for financial losses caused by fraudulent activities on their sites. This insurance is in addition to the standard 256-bit SSL encryption, which helps ensure that users’ sensitive information stays secure from cybercriminals.

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The rigorous vetting process involved in an EV SSL Certificate is another reason why these certificates are more expensive than other certificates. However, the higher level of trust that EV certificates provide outweighs their initial cost. In addition, these certificates typically come with a dynamic security site seal that is displayed on your website to further boost your brand’s credibility. This helps customers to feel confident and comfortable providing their personal information on your site, which leads to a better conversion rate.