Choosing the Right Portable Bathroom Rental for Your Event

Most people have used portable restrooms (also known as port-a-potties, port-a-johns or port-a-loo) before. However, the industry is much more than just toilets, and there are several different options for Portable bathroom rental depending on the type of event or project. Choosing the right portable toilet for your needs is an important decision and can have significant impacts on guests’ comfort, safety and overall experience.

The right portable toilet can help ensure that no one feels uncomfortable at your wedding or other special events. When choosing a portable toilet company, look for one that is well-known for on-time deliveries and pickups as well as thorough cleanings to ensure that your rental stays clean and sanitary throughout your event.

Ensuring Comfort Everywhere: The Convenience of Portable Toilet Rental

Some rental companies offer add-ons to standard porta potties, including sinks and hand sanitizer dispensers. Others provide ADA-compliant units that are better equipped for users with physical disabilities. It’s also important to ask what the capacity of your rental is and how many people it can accommodate at once, as this will have an impact on usage patterns.

If your event is outdoors or in a remote location, be sure to rent enough porta-potties to account for your guest count. Industry standards suggest that you need one portable restroom for every 50 people attending an eight-hour event. This can increase if you’re serving alcohol, which tends to increase bathroom use.

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