Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting

cnc laser cutting

CNC laser cutting is an emerging technology which works by using a computer numerical control (CNC) system to cut materials, typically with a CNC laser or other highly controlled laser, and is particularly useful for industrial production applications, but is now beginning to be used in hobbyist projects, small businesses, and even individual projects. A typical commercially available CNC laser for cutting materials would contain a separate motion control unit to execute a G-Code of the desired pattern on the material to be cut. Alternatively, there are desktop CNC laser cutters which contain a number of different motions which can be combined into complex patterns for complex cuts.

Now You Can Have Your Cnc Laser Cutting Done Safely

For instance, in the case of a fighter plane, a fighter pilot will cut out an airframe by using co2 lasers guided by an optics array in front of the cockpit. The fighter plane then sends the co2 lasers down through the fuselage in order to cut out various components of the aircraft, such as the wings, landing gears, wing roots, stabilizers, control surfaces, control towers, etc. In turn, these components are then reassembled on another aircraft after the fighter plane has been reloaded at the manufacture location. This entire process is very energy efficient and produces professional results. However, this is only one example of how co2 lasers can be applied to fabricating parts and components; other types of metals and alloys also have the potential to use co2 lasers for their production processes.

Another example of when CNC laser cutting could be applied is to fabricate a component in which a working part is already present, such as a fan blade for a compressor. Although it may not look like much to a layperson, if the fan blade is made out of brass, then by applying a laser beam, you will be able to precisely cut out the working part, without having to create an entire new workpiece from scratch. These are just some of the many advantages of CNC laser cutting and how the technology is quickly improving in order to meet the needs of industry workers everywhere.