Rents in Malta

rentals in malta

Rentals in Malta is a cultural hotspot that offers breathtaking beaches, energetic entertainment venues, and countless dining, shopping, and lounging options. The archipelago is a magnet for tourists and business professionals alike, fuelling a vibrant rental market that has become a core part of the local economy.

In Malta, securing a temporary home is easy. Renting is a popular option among expats and there are no restrictions for foreigners looking to lease properties on the island. Real estate agents often help tenants find rentals but most property is available for rent direct from the owners. Property negotiators are also commonly used and can be hired to negotiate lease terms and fees.

Exploring Rentals in Malta: Your Ultimate Guide

Rents in malta vary by location, type of property, standard of furnishings and duration of tenancy. Many properties are rented fully furnished including fittings and appliances but there is also a selection of unfurnished apartments and houses. Water, electricity, and Internet rates are typically not included in the rental rate but can be negotiated on a consumption basis.

Located south of Saratoga Springs, Malta offers a tranquil small-town setting with a burgeoning economy and abundant recreational opportunities. Residents can enjoy a range of activities from the pristine shoreline to high-stakes racing at Albany-Saratoga Speedway, a renowned dirt track that draws top drivers and spectators from across the Northeastern United States. There are a variety of housing options to suit any budget, from cozy 1-bedroom rentals perfect for singles and couples to luxurious homes with 3-4 bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate families.

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